This session is the perfect example of a session between lovers, Aïda and Sergi, as you can see on this occasion I used two different backgrounds, one white and the other black.

In the shots with a white background I wanted it to be seen, to show relief and therefore depth, because the light was more conventional, softer tones, it made no sense to have an invisible white background, in my opinion it would hurt the eyes and the result is that everything is more balanced.

As for the photos with a black background, although I modified the light, it gives us a more intimate atmosphere while still being beautiful.

To complete the session, months later we did a second outdoor session (see Outdoor Portraits), it is important to say that in both studio and outdoor photos, a story is told, a photo session is not about standing in front of the camera and that's it, it is a memory of a moment in life that is unique and must be appreciated.

In a while we will see if they return to complete the series, but what is clear is that there will be many moments when when you open the book or the box of photos, you will happily remember that this world is beautiful.