Child portrait session with little Isona, after consulting the parents, we saw that she would not last long in the studio and that is why we did a street session in a place that she knew with a colored staircase (entrance of a daycare center) and very close there was a playground. Knowing that I spent a lot of time with my grandmother, I thought that carrying a classic "phone" would be perfect to enter with more confidence and play, because after all, when you are little, what you like most is playing.

There are girls and boys like boys and boys and, they are all a world, there are those who have everything done in half an hour and others who need much more time, in this case I had to arm myself with patience until I managed to "seduce" her, as a reward. , photos in the park and everything went harmoniously, in the end we became friends.

Well, if you have children and want to do a photo shoot, whether in the studio or outdoors, contact me and we'll talk about it. If the studio is not viable, as you see there are alternatives.



Example of a child portrait session at home with two little brothers carried out in 2014 (reissued in 2024 as a sample), in cases like this, it makes it easier to change clothes as they can be seen or be photographed with their toys, it is a time saver for parents to carry so many things, in short, that by talking we come to an agreement.