Although I started in wedding reporting in the 90s, in the middle of the analog era, I must say that then it was a survival job, one of those jobs that you do to pay the freelance fee, I really didn't feel them so deeply, I have touched all types of social class, from weddings for very humble couples to more well-off couples, but my evolution, like the evolution of every person with the passage of time and, adding technological evolution, I must say that now yes, now I do enjoy photographing, when you get older you look at the world in a different way, from a photographic point of view, right now I have orgasms, my dominance is such that the nerves have completely disappeared, however, not the stress, since I am very intense and concentration is pure controlled stress.

I must say that I am not going to show many weddings, first because I am not going to scan the analog ones, it was another way of working, other weddings do not represent at all the way I currently work and others, I simply cannot publish them because they do not suit me. they give their consent. But to get an idea of ​​how more or less I work I show this wedding, republished in 2024 and completely in black and white, the curious thing is that when I made it (in 2014) I presented it in color and a small part in monochrome, perhaps I was wrong Nowadays these things no longer happen to me, my degree of maturity is such that I already know how to see what should be shown and, as I have become a specialist in black and white, I show this work like this, obviously I love color. ..

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So, today I consider that you can count on me to carry out wedding reports, today more than ever, the results will be better than those shown because the equipment has changed and provides much better quality, that is what it means to be a photographer and that improves day by day, being evolutionary leads you to it, I am very satisfied with my career and much more satisfied now because the results, for my taste, are brutal, yes, I am not one for doing superficial poses and I prefer naturalness, Obviously there are traditional poses but without going overboard, I like the classic report, showing the atmosphere of the moment and not turning it into a fairy tale, rather, as I do with everything, turning it into a wonderful memory forever.

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I am not a wedding poacher, I have missed many, because I am selective and, in addition, I do not have that much time available since I am usually very busy on weekends, but from time to time I offer my services, because I am good at what what I do and break with the routine I also need it and a wedding can be a good way to do it. I usually work with the established prices, the traditional prices that range from €1,500 to €2,000, although I propose higher options and offer very exclusive work, which goes far beyond a simple album. I don't do video but I can be accompanied by a videographer if it is available, yes, one of the things I don't like is not knowing the videographer and that has happened to me at a wedding, because some don't know how to respect the spaces and the part that I plays in a way it is harmed and, the worst of all is that once the couple has the video set up, they are going to watch it once or twice, while photographic work is much more versatile and much less tiring, conclusion, yes There is no videographer involved, much better for me and especially for that album and to achieve what I said before, to have a wonderful memory of this moment for a lifetime.

Would you like me to do that photo report with me? Let's talk and see what we can do, whether a simple and efficient report or a kind of work of art, because Photography is art and can be shown as such, going beyond a simple album.

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