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As a press photographer, I can say that I am a specialist in events of all kinds, both cultural and sporting, for 20 years I have been doing many social reports, festivals, concerts, plays and other shows, both indoors and outdoors. exteriors. I can say the same about sporting events.

On this page I give a brief review of my career, more so that you can get an idea of ​​how I work, in reality I have been doing this for more than 30 years, although professionally, only 29. I am not going to show the works of the era analog because they are not scanned and it does not make sense to do so now.

As a wedding photographer I have enough material to convince more than one, however, for different reasons, either I do not have permission to publish them or, in some cases, they have already divorced, I show something since I would not want them to be misinterpreted. my words and at least something must be shown.

2013 (February), Barcelona, ​​World Mobile Congress, hired by an American agency, I covered PayPal activities, which at that time was associated with eBay, as well as corporate images of the stand.

Xavier Minguella Photography - wmcpressbriefingpeopleinteractionbooth-0055-ts20240529091529538652.jpg
Xavier Minguella Photography - wmcpressbriefingpeopleinteractionbooth-9998-ts20240529091547928253.jpg
Xavier Minguella Photography - wmcpressbriefingpeopleinteractionbooth-0070-ts20240529091622294238.jpg
Xavier Minguella Photography - wmcpressbriefingpeopleinteractionbooth-0083-ts20240529091645370740.jpg

Official photographer for the Fira de Titelles de Lleida or "Delicadeses, Arts de Tròs", official photographer for the "Els Rentadors" Festival in Juneda (Lleida), a collaboration with the Grec Festival of Barcelona, ​​some hiring of groups for specific concerts of tours and a lot of free.

"The Fire Eaters" concert at the Say It Laud festival in Barcelona (2012)

Xavier Minguella Photography - bcnsayitlaud_thefireeaters21oct2012mxm2024-5580-ts20240530142815631930.jpg
Xavier Minguella Photography - bcnsayitlaud_thefireeaters21oct2012mxm2024-5593-ts20240530142840328491.jpg
Xavier Minguella Photography - bcnsayitlaud_thefireeaters21oct2012mxm2024-5619-ts20240530142902576771.jpg
Xavier Minguella Photography - bcnsayitlaud_thefireeaters21oct2012mxm2024-5663-ts20240530142930554330.jpg


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