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Do you feel like an unparalleled nude portrait session, you are in the right place for a session that you will keep in your memory forever, for its beauty, fragility, style...

Initially the session is private, protecting at all times the privacy of the person photographed, although there are no sessions with women with generous measurements to show, since I was looking for personal projects, I am totally open to photographing whoever it is and of course with the utmost respect, yes, as in all my sessions, it is important to meet beforehand and talk everything over, so as not to waste time or have to repeat the session later.

There are two types of sessions, one would be the basic one, in my studio, with a session with artificial and natural lighting, and the complete one in an exclusive location, found by my means or in the one the client wishes (their own or another). Obviously the prices vary a lot, while in the basic one we talk about a starting price of €600, in the complete one we go to €1.200 (variable price depending on access, travel or other private fees), in both cases You must add the basic supplements (album, copies, etc.) that vary depending on the chosen modality.

In both cases, a collection of high-quality printed images and a photobook are delivered, sizes yet to be determined but not larger than DIN-A3, variable prices depending on the ink used (pigmented or not) and, the surface.

A selection of images will be delivered in Internet quality, and a small selection can be shared on networks, always agreed upon by both parties.

Would you like to do a nude session but due to financial reasons, do you have other priorities? Let's talk, by talking we can reach an agreement that satisfies both parties if possible, what I am not going to do is a free session, because with free money, I can't pay anything. I have interesting payment plans if the total amount to pay does not fit your finances, but I do not make discounts.

In no case will there be exchange for carnal favors, I emphasize this because today there are still people who think that there is sex involved and for me, a naked person is just a naked person, when I bathe naked on a beach, I bathroom and that's it.

I have been doing this type of sessions for many years, it is a whole process, between location, lighting setup and preparation of the set. This is a very serious work and of course, without agreement by both parties, none of it will be shown to the public, neither on the web nor in exhibitions.

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